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Welcome to Axis Fitness!

Axis Fitness its more than just a place to work out, we aim to create an environment where everyone feel genuinely welcomed, encouraged and supported in every step of the way.

We believe fitness goes beyond physical goals, it’s a deep-rooted longing for a better quality of life.
Well rounded fitness routine, sustainable nutrition and consistency is the key to attain our best state of physical and mental wellness.

Therefore our goal its about more than helping people on physical transformation, we are here to bring awareness & empower you to discover your inner strength, achieve well-being with sustainable lifestyle.


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This is the place where we put in the works and support whoever took the first step in. Consider this gym as your space for personal growth, physical and mental progression.
We elevate fitness through movement mastery! Our core philosophy revolves around understanding the essential principles of body movements to achieve remarkable results.
People of all ages that come from different background are most certainly welcomed to the gym to enjoy their workouts.

Personal Training

Training hard was never in a right choice along the fitness journey, it is training smart which is training the right way. Here, we emphasize more on the quality of a movement when exercising, which is the key towards your fitness goal. It indicates everything that could affect your fitness goals.

Worry no more because our personal training programs will guide you to a safer workout environment so that everyone can train pain-free and achieve their fitness goals.
Axis fitness offer 1-to-1 training and group training up to 2 pax per session. More information can be found at ‘Shop’.


Are you tired of those bland, boring diets that seem to prescribe nothing but boiled chicken and broccoli on repeat? Fear not! Our experienced dietitian is here to revolutionize the way you approach nutrition. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all diets and embrace a customized approach to your meals. Our dietitian will work their magic to tailor a sustainable eating plan just for you!
We believe that a healthy body and a great physique can go hand-in-hand with enjoying life's delicious pleasures. So, no more feeling deprived or guilty about indulging in the occasional treat. You'll be equipped with the knowledge to strike that perfect balance between nutritious choices and relishing your favorite flavors. Get ready to embark on a mouthwatering journey to a healthier you! Let's make your health a delightful adventure!